Bizzaro Moments of RU and Hippledipple.........or maybe not bizzaro........will this get RU closer..?

RU looks at Hippledipple and says, "Hey man, I was wondering if you would like to stake out the organic isle with me at the grocery store to see if any gorillas come in and purchase some of the Gorilla munch they got this weekend? I havent spotted any as of yet, but why else would they sell Gorilla Munch? I have already seen Sasquash, over on 80 in pa, by the poconos, one night.. and also seen a five foot roster on 480 up in cleveland one morning( go check out in greek myth about what happens when the roster shows up)...but ...havent seen gorillas shopping at the local grocery store as of yet....that would be a good one, to put on my list of accomplishments in our time zone that we are in at the moment.. at 1:24pm April 8 RU jumps up and down in the parkin lot, scratching his armpits,gruntin and spittin out bits of single gorilla bit munches, to luuer in a Gorilla at the local grocery store....RU once heard from a deer hunter that they put deer urine on their face, to luuer in the deer during a kill or, wait? was that someone tryin to luuer in a girl for a date, but RU doesnt want to shoot the gorilla, cause he is one with the animal spirit, just take a picture with his picture takin RU takes out his Gorilla urine, flown in overnight, from the bar of soap animal testin lab, and applies it to his face to luuer them in.....shhhhhh..RU jumps up and down anckshisley, waiting on the arrival of the fine Gorilla Munch eatin beast in the organic isle of the grocery store.....:) Hippledipple hides behind the shoppin cart rack playin cards with the cart pusher employee...

RU runs up to the evil of sheness beautiful flame and sticks his tongue in it, and gets burnt, "ouch", however, RU was known as the novicane kid in his younger days so goes back up to the evil flame and tries it again, "Ouch", but keeps tryin till he gets it right, and wouldnt you know it," OUCH!!!", RU backs off with swollen tongue thats hangin ...on the ground, dragin in the dirt, that's enough, RU couldn't get it right, RU thinks its time to move on to test other things in life, fortunutely, RU still has taste sensations with his tongue and had the ability to come away,with his digits and tongue still attached.:) RU thinks, " now, how can I get in trouble"
RU runs over to asaras's house and grabs asaras's little finger and starts yanking on it, as she tries to beat him over the head with one of her stone it....:)

Cowincidence.......drivin down the road, look over at my buddies house, he got a big truck jacked up for sale in his front yard.....go about acouple hundred feet......see another truck thats got the same setup on it drivin down the road.....later call a friend who's roastin almonds....later on that night, go to the pantry to get something to eat, first thing lookin at me is roasted pecans......RU starts seein the cowincidences again...hmmmmm...:)

Ahhhhh was torchure gettin thru the days after LC left....the greatest pain an misery I had ever felt as a ten year days of playing red light green light in the back yard were never the same after kiss on the cheek girl just dissapeared....I can't remember any first kisses with any women, well okay maybe one or two, that was as vivid as that one:)   Ahhh the memories:) RU jumps up and gives MYG a high five who enters the mix, as he gives her a wink, and welcomes her to his page anytime.:) and then catches a ride on a piece of link floating by, going his way out of the RU holds on for dear life on the piece of mushy purpleblue link....he wonders, " has MYG been listening to "RU" also......:)..sure enough...:)

....days later,....RU gets back to workin on helpin MYG, "capture some poetry in motion". RU runs to the sports store and picks up two right and left catchers mits, and runs over to the donut shop and buys acouple sticky buns, and finally lands at the hardware store for some bolts and runs back out of breath to the tropical forest room, that MYG is entertaining herself in...thats enhanced with classical music, and splashing driblets of pure rain water with the smoothy ph, that every girl dreams of. RU pokes MYG on the shoulder, and tells her to take off her, video enchanced reenachment moshpit goggles thats shes swayin to thats got the overlay of classical music, to tone it down for her a bit....."Okay, MYG, you got to pay attention if you want to capture some poetry in motion"....RU takes out the items listed above, along with the new high powered 400 volt drill and drills a hole in each catchers mit and each sticky bun..and then takes the bolts and slides them thru the catchers mits and sticky buns and tightens them up.  RU grabs the sticky bun catcher mits..and then slides the sticky bun catchers mits onto MYGs trembling fingers as she looks at RU with a complete daised look on her face...RU shakes the daisy look off and says, "Okay MYG you ready", and MYG looks back and says, "Okay Dude", ...RU takes MYG by the hand and leads her up and over the eguana lilly pad pit, over to the poetry tubuli, that's way up in the air, by the waterfall. RU, looks at MYG and says, " this is what you got to do, when I spin this wheel, and the poetry starts to come out of that tubuli, you got to close your eyes, and start clamping down your your sticky bun poetry catchers mits, and youll be able to be catch some of the, " poetry in motion"...okay..", MYG looks at RU and says, " how can I do this with my eyes closed,", RU looks back and says, " you just got to take a deep breath and feel for the poetry when it comes out"...RU hands MYG a leather poetry retrieval pouch, and some anti stick spray, so that she can store the poetry, for a rainy day........days later, as RUs sittin on a rock wittling a stick into a sun goddess, with his friend hippledipple from the land, "far a way". Hippledipple notices four girls draggin a big leather expanded pouch, thats looks like its about to explode..and Hippledipple looks at RU and says, "Whats goin on over there,..RU says, "thats the four beautiful women from the land of "Polanders " and the one there holdin tight with the big smile is MYG. Shes just bring home her bag of poetry in motion, from the poetry tubuli, and all her beautiful girlfriends are helpin her...I think I should have put wheels on the bottom of that bag for them..oh well next time...:)"..RU and Hipledipple wave to the girls and they all wink back....:)

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