RU ponders back a long time ago in the earlier years with Hippledipple......Then, I remember in elementary school?, i was supposed to get paddled the next day, and I wore seven pair  of underwear to school, and the dude never paddled me, I walked around the whole day with seven pairs of underwear on, I can still rememeber, tryin to get my thing out in the restroom, and couldn't cause  I had so many pairs of underwear on:) not jokin either...:), now that was funny...wasn't at the moment though, ....I was always in trouble man:)  I pack on the undies man, I thought I was gettin pummeled by the board, and then nothin happened, I think they knew from the bulges in my pants from all the undies, and let me roll with it all day that was IQ thinkin there:). and then, I know why I don't smile so's all comin back,...all you girls in school wanted me to smile, and I was to scared to talk to a girl, so if I quit smiling, then I wouldn't have to talk to any of you girls...its all coming together.....:) As far as trouble, man, I wrote more sentences on the board in that school than the teacher. I remember stuffin bad grade papers in the bathroom  that was in the room, in the upper panel, and one day, the teacher caught wind, I went up and took all mine down, and some other kids bad papers were up there and he got was I supposed to know... or how about the time I was actin like I was going to pour glue all over this beautiful girl in class and then the cap accidently fell off.......oppps.......boy was she upset...with glue covering that long beautiful long hair...... Hippeldipple pokes RU on the shoulder...." are you sure it was seven pairs?????...are you sure a kid can fit seven pairs of underwear on???.....RU thinks about it and says..." let's  test the statement..........let's see if we can fit seven pairs of underwear on you Hippledipple....?:) " Hippledipple looks around and starts boltin for the door under the old oaker split  tree........yellin...." Get away from me RU...get the freak away from!!!!"

Cowincidence check list for today, acouple days ago, I wrote about the capricorn teradactal flu, sent to one person. Today, I go get breakfast.  Walkin thru the restraurant, these  people  I pass are  talkin about teradactals...who would be talkin about teradactals at breakfast?

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