RU looks over at Hippledipple an says…..”…you mean to tell me the moderator on that website doesn’t have the ....guts.... to post a little RU an Hippledipple…..comment…on that beautiful soul.....defendin her honor...instead of rippin it up..........sweet…:)

RU looks over at Hippledipple and says, " do you think we could get this beautiful girl over to the Hippledipple crazy cave, to read about who I am.....Hippledipple?....she is absolutely is....every women on this planet....we love them all Hippledipple don't we..:)...if I could only get them all in the same quadrent and meet everyone of them and get to know everything about every single one of them....the joyful time it would be."...RU wipes the sweat off his brow just thinkin about it....RU says" you think this girl has the traits of a warrior battle all evil and to use her beautiful qualities for the good of man make kids smile and make spirits grab onto the rightousness winds and soar them towards the goal of achieveing pure illuminaaating love that can drench every molecule of our being....?....Hippledipple looks over at RU an says, "every women on this planet E has these Jen-UN just a matter of whether or not she or one of them would  want to utilize them next to freak of nature..:)"...RU and Hippledipple sit back an watch as this girls pure illuminaaating love passes on by them in spectacular colors and scents,as they breathee in the love that's within her...and get purpleanblue love-al bumps..all the same time evil is a few time zones away thinkin..." how in the evil world am I goin to horsecollar...this runaway train of thought...with out gettin that the movement of RUanHippledipple lovecoaster doesn't get out of control and foil my little evil acidicbodilyfluid plot to pit them all against each other to destroy what has been created..."....evil starts to gather all the littlepippersqeaks to form a plan to derail RU an Hippledipple's love illuminating evil's tryin to get the vision out of evil's mind of RU anHippledipple at the steerin wheel of the loveilluminating freighttrain that's about to come past loaded with overflowin love molecules of the universe to be passed onto every beautiful soul of the world.......RU and Hippledipple look at each other as they transcended themselves into this selftorch-urin vision of evils mind and start pullin on the freighttrain love horn as love molecules start to penetrate the inner walls of evils frail RU an Hippledipple yell, while the music starts pumpin an as they start dancing to the new Hippledipple dance...." get out the way evil....get out the way!!!!!
...moments later RU and Hippledipple transcend themselves back to their ealier moment of beautiful colors and scents of this girl, an out of evils mind and RU says, " I don't know why evil's so evil....I think evil may just need to learn how to dance....maybe evil just can't dance....maybe if evil could dance..then evil just wouldn't be evil.......":)...RU starts to drift off envisionin the future universal headlines..." RU an Hippledipple teach evil how to dance...and evil had so much fun..that evil is no longer evil...."........and the illuminating love train rolls on.....

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