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Hey ........, remember when I was out there and said about the distilled water after opening the cap increased in acidity.........after that the  EPA deemed CO2 a health hazard...(you got to admit that was a very good observation of me:)studys came out that the oceans are becoming acidic, algaes takin over the lakes, money is being given to fish hacteries and bee keepers for destruction of their inventories, elected o-fishtails  are slippin up say the co2 is getting us sick....the signs are all here on how it's going to end.  The only answer I got is to print the money, control inflation,  and spend it towards the co2 reductions, or get congress to strick down the law that you need a doctors perscription to have an oxygen tank, and all invest in them....it's goin to get ugly. Now, I am not sure if I told you but, I believe I have figured out how evil works in the body if you want to call it evil at the physical level, and that is the drop in acidity of the body, brings on the evil....I believe there's direct corrolation.....so that being.....the co2 increases...the body's acidity increases...the more evil the world is going to get.......I hate to say it...you startin to feel like your in one of those epocolips movies......
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 RU looks over at Hippledipple an says, " Look Hippledipple.....this web page over here, is the fuse to our existence and it is lit, as ppms go up, there is less oxygen for us to breath, it is the countdown to our end on this planet, unless we get the ppms under control.......and the only way that is going to happen is if we all understand that we need to print the money, and put it towards anything and everything that can take co2 out of the atmosphere.  It is that simple. We need to take it upon ourselves to not buy products that increase in price to control inflation, print the money and put it towards decreasing the worlds co2 levels, or else we are all going to see evil like we have never seen evil before.  This is the answer to the question.  Feel free to pass this on.  As the population grows money must be printed inorder to keep up with the currency needs of the system and the increase in population growth.  You can't print an endless amount of money, however, the people who are in charge of this system, are not looking at this the right way.  They are not taking into account many of the demands of the system.  The more people in this country, the more money we can print. If the people understand the nature of the beast, the people can control the beast, and this is how to control the beast, but you have to take the time to understand the true reality of our system,  which is very simple.  It's just like monopoly, you have 5 people in the beginning, and then add 1000 people, you then must add, more currency or else the game will crash with the extra amount of people, cause everyone wants a raise.  However, in our case the same is true, however, we have co2 breathing down our necks, and this is the only way we are going to be able to control this situation is to print the money and put it towards anything and everything to reduce co2 levels.  There is not enough money in the system and going to the right places if people are starving, people are sickend and can't get the right treatments,  and carbon dioxide levels are not being reduced........etc...and etc.... Trust me, the guy that is going to yell that we can't print the money, will be the first guy yelling to print the money, when his daughter or son is inflicted with a disease that is caused by an increase of co2, but by then it will be too late. You don't think we can control inflation, we can control anything in this game, don't cut yourself short.  It maybe to late as it is, but it's worth the try.  We are human, and we fight the battles to the end, but we need to understand the battle and the tools to win the war.  And these are the tools to fight the battle that is slowly coming upon us.  Hippledipple looks over at RU, and says, " Your catchin on RU, hopefully everybody else does also, or it will be to late.  This ain't about global warming, this is about a measurable substance in the air and we know at what levels humans will become sick.  The higher the measurable levels go, the sicker we get.  There is not enough money in the system to allow for reductions of co2, it just will not happen, printin the money is a neccesary evil inorder to save ourselves from co2 poisoning.  Its not time to panic yet, that is why we need to act now!! I am here to stand by your side on this one RU, Hippledipple is not going anywhere."
......we all need to understand this.....  
It's easy to look at this as utterly depressing, but it's time to look at it as a necessary challenge, inorder to preserve mankind, and future generations.  It's time to educate the people on the truth of the world we live in.  They need to understand the realities that we face, and the realities of the system we live in. 
Inorder to decrease co2 levels, we need technology to limit the output of co2, along with other things such as conservation.  However, inorder to produce those technologys, we need money to produce those technologys.  People do not work for free to produce those technologies.   But there is not enough cash in the currency system to account for this co2 problem, along with many other problems.  We live in a cash strapped system, but the majority do not understand this.  And the people pulling the strings at the top and controlling the money, either are looking at this the wrong way and have no idea what they are doing, or are intentionally limiting access to cash for various reasons and use the " it's going to increase inflation" concept to send fear thru out the world, so that everybody doesn't catch wind that as the populations grow, you have to print money to accomodate the additional increases on the system.  And then everybody is demanding to print more money.  There are pros and cons to this approach.  But, with the co2 problem, this old school train of thought is going to kill us all.  The people need to be educated about the truth on currency and how it needs to be printed as the population grows and as new things or problems  occur in the system that need to be accounted for.  As an example,  a two year old girl who can't afford to get a leg fixed, that was blown off.  Do I know this girl, No, but is there one out there, no doubt in my mind.    There are people that understand that money has to be printed, and that is why they fight at the top to get the money such as stimulus money.   You see people at the top of our food chain economic system make the decisions to print more money or borrow more money.  However, whether it's China, or Japan or some other lending institution,  the money had to be originally printed, as the population grew. This lending of money is  just a shell game to keep the system flowing.    We do not have the same amout of money today as there was in 1800.  As the population grew money has to be printed.  The more people arrive in this world from the womb, the more currency has to be printed or else as money is hoarded by smarter people, and then you have less cash in the system,  and recessions hit.    One of the easiest ways to get money back into the system is to tax.  But who wants to tax during a recession.   But even if you tax and the population still grows and the needs of our system grow, there still is not enough money in the system to accomodate for extra demands on the system.  We live on a rock in the middle of the universe, there is no economic law that came down from the universe and set up our economic system.  It has evolved by man thru time, and man controls it alone.  Man can change the system in what ever way man wants to change the system. Man can control inflation in many ways if needed.  If every woman, man and child understood, that money being printed to take care of co2 is neccesary, there would be no unnecessary inflation.  Hopefully, it will not take death and disease to get to this point.   If man does not educate the people and  evolve towards reducing co2, man is not going to be here much longer.  Maybe in some bunkers some may survive with oxygen tanks, but they better be reinforced.   And it's in a simple measurable number of parts per million, that we all will be able to understand what we face.  You can't hide the numbers of parts per million and at what levels the human body can't tolerate.  I do believe we are already there.  The less oxygen, the greater the sickness. Population growth and the debt corrolate hand in hand.  The national debt is just trully a figure that represents the amount of cash that has been needed to be added to the system, inorder to keep it growing.  The more people we enter or let in the game the more cash has to be printed.  And right now, more cash needs to be printed and not borrowed in the shell game, to take care of the co2 problem. 
Now, to simplify it all.  If your playing monopoly and you don't get a fake 1 million dollar game piece(just pay the guy his million already your headin down a bad pr mistake MD), and you have five players and 500 dollars  apiece.  Someone at the end of the game is going to hoard all the cash and win, and the game will be over.  Now if your playing that game and added 10 people without adding more money to the game.  The game will end a lot sooner than it would if the extra people were not added.  Our system is no different.  However, in our system, we are consistently adding more people and other problems to the game,  and we have printed more money inorder to accomodate for the addition of more people and problems in the system.    But the majority of people do not understand this or care to understand this.  They would rather not be bothered with the details, and that has worked in a way up to now.  But now,  Co2 poisioning is going to get them all to pay attention.  It's time to wake them up to understand the game, because they are the majority and have the vote to change what is going to occur.  They can change the game anyway they want it.  You see this co2 problem could have been halted a long time ago, if the co2 problem was accounted for in the system in the very beginning.  On that note, we are all on a trial run on this planet, so who would have thought it and who would have listened to it.  But it is here now, and is able to be seen by the majority in a simple carbon dioxide parts per million figure and a chart of co2 poisoning of the human body. And the way to fix it is to print what ever money is neccesary to get people to work to invent and produce the technologies needed to curb this disaster. Whether it be new technologies or conservation, every available tool must be utilized.  Listen man, I would rather be searchin for my future wife, this is not the game I want to be playin in right now, but I can see it all, and I can see how to fix it all.
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