I told the force of creation, i would write if the force of creation would help me get my life back, from way to much partying.  The goodness of souls helped me get my life back.  Sure enough, the force took me for my word, an here we go:)  Not always so pleasant an sweet though, a lot of crowds to get thru to.  Take what you can that will help in your endeavors to keep your souls, an leave the rest behind. an on a side note, this shall also be used to find thee one, that we can get along with, to spend some time with, to mate an enjoy this wild an crazy world, we have among us.  I have not one problem, being within a body, that has evolved from thee monkey!:) because, all  answers  are revealed within this, about the world an tis problems.  Why would i dis the force of creations, creation? I didnt create it, an neither did you. The key is to understand the body an its evolutionary features, an to figure them all out, so the evil of the animal kingdom, tis, not any more, that acts out  to prevent us all from leaving the animal kingdom, to becoming great spiritual beings on earth, with bodys that can contain our spirits derived from creation:) its all pretty simple!